Microblading students work on live models

DENVER: February 2-3, 2019 @ $2,500

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Non-refundable Deposit

The $500 you pay for this item is for the deposit only.  The remaining amount of $1,500 is due at the first day of class.

Class Outline:

  • Differences between microstroking techniques
  • The perfect depth for pigment implantation
  • Factors that affect pigment retention
  • Skin types and what to expect
  • Aftercare and healing process
  • Numbing products and process
  • 8 Beautiful brows styles
  • Colors and how to use them
  • Old tattoos:  how to microblade and fix or remove them
  • Hairlines and freckles
  • Stress marks, acne, wrinkles:  micro-needling techniques to treat them
  • Sanitation
  • Error correction
  • Licensing
  • 3-Month Online class included!  Bonus value of $750!

Eyebrow Shaping and Measurement:

  • Different brows patterns and practice with a pencil
  • Needle sizes & configurations
  • Microstroking technique
  • Ombre techniques:  manual shading and machine
  • Practice on latex
  • Hands on practice
  • You will also get at least 2 models for this class


  • OSHA blood borne certificate (obtained online)
  • ID

Study Kit:

  • The tuition includes a study kit, learning materials, and online videos.